“We invest huge effort in making the perfect fit for all our garments."


Together with one of the best pattern makers in Europe, we invest huge effort in making the perfect fit for all our garments. Her experience from both fashion and sportswear, gives us the unique advantage of using the comfort and movement from the sports and adapt it in to our collections.

We will always be true to our customers and trying to make it as easy as possible to shop, if you bought a small garment the next season will fit just as well.

Tribute To Bespoke collection has two different fits, slim-fit & regular fit. All our blazers and suit pants has a fitted but comfortable cut. 


We make sure to use some of the very best factories for our garments, carefully chosen by us.

Our factories are located all over the world, many in eastern Asia. The partners we choose to work with, must be just as passionate about sustainability as us. We believe that together with our suppliers we can change the environment and the workers life to the better. We always strive choose the most eco-friendly way.

We produce all our shoes is Portugal, with a factory with over 65 years’ experience. All leathers we use in our shoes is from Europe, manly Italy and Portugal.

A big part of our shirts are produced in eco-friendly plant and with cotton sourced from water efficient cotton filed. 

Tribute To Bespoke collection, all shirts has the exclusive 3mm thick real mother of pearl buttons.


Fair pricing:
Our goal is not to make the most expensive clothes on earth; we want to make as good clothes as possible that will last. We do our very best to find the best quality’s that is durable and comfortable, you will never find an overpriced product in our collections. What you pay for is what you get.

To give you the very best quality and price we work with as much vertical factories as possible, this means they own the whole production process. For example, our suit factory owns the wool farms, yarn mill, fabric mill and production factory. This is how we can manage to have the most price friendly suits in Scandinavia. This also makes it much easier to control all parts of the production. 


We always strive to improve the fabric we use. Making sure that we always deliver products that meet our high standards.

We have developed a set of chemical restrictions that all manufacturers undertake to follow. These requirements are regularly revised and followed up by strict testing procedures. Manufacturers are obligated to carry out tests during production in order to ensure that the finished products do not contain restricted substances. 


Garment care:
Clean clothes, clean conscience, clean soul. 

  • Usually we wash clothes too often, which is a waste of both water, energy and chemicals. Hang your clothes for airing instead of washing; this will not only help the environment but your economy.
  • If you are unfortunate enough and got a stain on your clothes, you can spot clean it instead of washing the whole garment. The less you wash your garments, the better they will keep the original appearance. 
  • New washing machines are very efficient even at low temperatures,so washing at a lower temperature then recommended is a good way to save electricity. Make sure to fill your washing machine, washing a few items at the time is not very efficient or energy efficient. At the same time don’t over fill your machine as this will result in poorly washing and more heavy friction.
  • Always make sure to use environmentally eco-friendly detergents, follow recommended dose and don’t overdose.
  • Drying you clothes will make them loose color and decrease the lifetime, hang/flat dry is always better for both the clothes and environment. 
  • Make sure to repair your garment instead of replacing, if you don’t have the skills contact a local tailor or ask a handy friend.
  • Always donate the garments you no longer use, helping non-profit organizations and treasure hunters at the thrift shop. If the garment is no longer wearable, make sure to deliver it to a recycle station as old garments should not be thrown in the trash.