“With the ambition of creating clothes that was timeless and fit well, we started our journey in 2007. "


Inspired by my grandfather Lennart, who was a employee at the famous NK department store in Stockholm. He introduced me to the classical look of a true gentleman. 

2013 we introduced our Scandinavia collection, a contemporary collection with a casual look and feel. Subtitle design that is effortless and focus on quality and fit. Easy to combine with your other garments, and next classics.

Same spring we launched our Tribute To Bespoke collection, formal wear at its best. Scandinavian design with an Italian flair, softy constructions and smooth fabrics. We make formalwear more accessible, with a comfortable fit & quality. Formalwear should not be the same as stiff.

Thank you for choosing These Glory Days.

Creative Director
Magnus Beckman